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Encountering Malta


'Sailors, Sea and Theatrical Literature' – Encountering Malta III: Literature and the Sea, 1750-1850, University of Malta, March 2016.

Political Shelley’ – Encountering Malta II: British Writers and the Mediterranean 1760-1840 Literature, Landscapes, Politics, University of Malta, January 2014


Shelley and Mediterranean Drama’ – Encountering Malta I, University of Malta, November, 2011


Conference Papers



‘Private Theatre in Pisa’What Signifies a Theatre, Royal Holloway, University of London, June 2011


'From Page to Stages:  Milman’s Fazio' – Staging the Page, Swansea, April, 2008


Samuel Johnson’s Remedies and Recommendations’ – Vigorous Remedies: Samuel Johnson and 18th Century Medicine, Wellcome Institute, 1984.


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